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Divination with Tarot cards is an old and very reliable method for predicting the future and destiny . Until now, developed a number of different methods of opening the tarot cards were by application and by the look so we have : Tarot Celtic Cross, Gypsy Tarot , Karmic Tarot , yes-no Tarot , Egyptian Tarot , Destined Tarot , Tarot three cards , Love Tarot , Astro Tarot , Angel Tarot , tarot Ezo etc. With tarot cards are often combined and various other alternative techniques along with Tarot can give exceptional results predictions ! Each of these tarot opening can provide unique insights into all aspects of life pitateljevog if tarot master sufficiently skilled and experienced to interpret the meaning of tarot cards . Often, it takes years of learning and studying the knowledge that is often hidden and hard to reach . Our Tarot Masters have the knowledge and experience and will help you clear predictions, fortune-telling and tips for every area of life. Whether it comes to love, business , money , health or other problem we will help you clear instructions and tips ! Call with confidence our tarot center! You can also have fun with more than 20 species of our free tarot!



Psychics and crystal ball are people who have an innate gift of prophecy, the future and destiny. They have a completely open third eye that helps them to easily look into someone's destiny and future. They often have an unconventional approach to predicting and strong personality , but on the other hand is also very sensitive to human problems and have great empathy. Regularly going to psychics achieve a strong bond of friendship with the people who are helping that often lasts a lifetime . Seers and psychic in the past have often persecuted and therefore almost always hide their abilities and hard to find. Gift of clairvoyance in the rule conveys female line from mother to child , and often it is the mother or grandmother she who first enter the child how to use this special gift . In our Tarot center they can come much easier than usual. Seers also often reaches out to other alternative techniques such as a crystal ball to help them concentrate and focus your third eye on a specific issue , person or event that is of interest . Call our Tarot phone and talk with the best psychics and clairvoyants in Croatia and abroad , and listen to their advice ! Learn more about the techniques divination



Rune divination used from the earliest human history. Knowledge of divination and prophecy is often passed from generation to generation , and there are quite a number of different methods that are associated with culture and tradition . So in our region is very popular divination from the bean coffee and reading is reading is mentioned . Scrying can also be referred Fleece , crystal balls , animal bones , rice , tea leaves , etc. Our wizards have extensive experience as they learn these skills from an early age by his grandmother and helped people in his neighborhood. Using today's technology their knowledge accessible to a large number of people which was not the case because they often live in remote areas . Divination techniques are often passed down from generation to generation and requires long-term work on the development of these techniques and the correct interpretation of the answers that are given in this way . Inexperienced often can draw completely wrong conclusions , therefore, it is very important to address the real professionals who will know which are the signs of a fake and that the particular context may have some other diametrically opposite meanings . Divination is most effective at dusk . Call our tarot Center and top tarot masters and wizards that will accurately predict the future ! Have fun with more than 20 species of our free rune



Astrology is a special branch of predicting the future based on the connection point of human birth and the constellation that the positions of stars at the time. Based on these data to calculate the natal horoscopes that are able to predict events in the future of a person with a high accuracy. Astrology has been studied for thousands of years and there are more astrological schools according to the methods that are being used so we have a classic Western , Chinese, Indian , astro tarot etc. Astrologers often devote his life to the study of astrology and the development of different types horoscope , and in the past, their services were available only to people in high places like kings. There are several types of horoscopes for different time periods - from short day to extensive annual , horoscopes for business ventures or comparative horoscopes for relationships and marriage . It is important to know the details of people - the date and place of birth that could be more prepared detailed horoscopes and astrological charts of an event . Call our astro Center and you will get a correct and true astro predictions tarot and fortune-telling . Read Daily Horoscope



Numerology is a method of divination from the numbers that are associated with all aspects of human life and the world around us. Any person , period, thing or word has his unique number and counting and studying combinations and relationships of these numbers good numerologist much to say about the future and destiny . Numerology is a very complex science and very few people know the correct count . Special methods of the Kabbalah , which has a deeper mystical dimension and allows contact with the Creator and the universe. Numerologists often a lifetime dedication to this doctrine because it does not tolerate errors and superficiality , but the reward can be given exceptional results that are not comparable to any other technique. Numbers can tell everything about a person and if they are properly calculated can greatly facilitate major decisions . They can also be used with other techniques alternatvine especially with tarot and runes divination that in their bases have elements of numerology . In our tarot center you can find top numerologists will calculate your lucky numbers and help you . Lucky numbers , you can calculate it yourself with our online numerology

Dream Interpretation


Dream Interpretation - the explanation and search the logical meaning in dreams. This practice is very old and is mentioned in the Old Testament, where Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams (seven fat and seven lean cows). The prophet Daniel had the gift of interpreting dreams in which he argues that "the God of heaven blame their secrets." Oneiromancija or interpretation of dreams is a skill to predict the future based on the interpretation of dreams in combination with other technically as tarot. People have always been convinced that the force majeure communicate with them through dreams, and that dream can foretell the future. Find out what you are saying dreams with our great sanjarica and detailed explanations and interpretations of dreams. With our dream book you will never be in doubt about the meaning of dreams. Also try our free tarot opening for meaning of dreams ! Dream interpretations

AstroTarot Magazine


AstroTarot Magazine - Your Window to the Future! Our tarot masters, clairvoyants and the author of numerous articles and topics in the field of astrology, tarot and alternatives that brings you the best Croatian Astro Magazine .


Ensure that you 2013 years is a peaceful, happy , chase away dark thoughts and concerns for the future , get rid of all the love , financial and health problems with the help of our top experts

For detailed information tarot center and the opening of the Tarot ( Love Tarot , Golden Tarot , Celtic Cross , Crowley tarot , osho tarot , waite tarot etc. ) , fortune-telling and psychics ( old Balkan , Gypsy and Slavic method ) , wizards , shamans , druids , Runes ( Germanic , Scandinavian , etc ) , astrology ( classical , Mayan , Chinese , Jyotisam , etc. ) , numerology , Kabbalah , divination from cards , rice and beans , crystal ball, birth chart , removing energy blockages , kristaloterapiju , and - ching , feng -shui , bioenergy , biorhythm , sinker, homeopathy, theta healing , quantum healing , anđeloterapiju , reiki , talismans and amulets ( Indian, Buddhist , Kabbalah , Arabic , etc.) , the patron saint ( Catholic and Orthodox ) , removal spells, magic (white, blue, black , love , Vlach etc ) hojja records , energizing the chakras , aura cleansing , voodoo , dream interpretation , extrapolaciju etc. call our top experts with years of experience who will be happy to assist 0-24 hours. Best astro consultants , advisors and tarot tarot center, definitively divination and fortune-telling , tarot only 060 phone where you can find out the fate and future! Better than an esoteric Tarot and astroshowa .

do not believe in alternative methods ? Our experts have years of experience in working with people , and you can also provide and friendly advice on any issue that bothers you and you do not have with whom to talk about it , you learn to master the techniques of self-help and meditation , driven depression and psychosomatic disorders ( migraine , insomnia , digestive disorders , back pain ... ) , improve communication and relations with neighbors ( gestalt psychotherapy , relationship therapy , marriage counseling) , get professional success , and generally improve their own self-esteem, quality of life and personal development

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